We Help E-commerce & Info Product Businesses 2x, 5x Even 10x Revenue Via Paid Advertising

Your customers need what you offer... The only thing stopping you from getting in front of them is a well planned marketing campaign. It's time to formulate your social brand and scale your business.

Conversion-First Advertising Agency

As nice as "likes" and "followers" are, they don't pay the bills. Thats why Social Brand Lab is focused on driving conversions for our clients, not just brand awareness. 

Our Philosophy

Here at Social Brand Lab, we have made it our mission to end the era of frustrated "do everything yourself business owners" providing you the team and knowledge of experienced marketers to scale your brand & business fast.

We working closely with just a handful of clients that are looking to build their brand, skyrocket their revenue and be able to focus on being a business owner, not a multiple hat wearer.

Maybe that’s you: it would be our honour to find out. Schedule your FREE audit call below. 

Crush Your Competition & Scale Beyond Your Current Limits!

To predictably scale you need a system that allows you to spend $1 and return $2 - $10. Without this system you end up in a cycle of low profits and a stress filled life. At Social Brand Lab we help you to optimise your customer acquisition process and build omnipresence with your market driving thousands of eyeballs to your products & services profitably.

We Eliminate The Risk For Our Clients And GUARANTEE Results

We're so confident we can help you grow that we offer a results backed guarantee. If we don't hit a minimum of 1.2x ROAS or beat the ads you're currently running we will refund your service fee and part ways as friends. Win win for everyone!

"Without doubt Cam and his knowledge of funnels and ads helped us get our 2 comma club award from Clickfunnels and generating over 7 figures with our webinar funnel." - Paul O'Mahony
"The work ethic and knowledge Cam and his team have has been instrumental in helping us scale. Having a system that is consistently brining us new customers profitably is game changing" - Sonny Webster
"Really impressed with Cam & the team at Social Brand Lab helping scale up our traffic leading to unquestionable some of the biggest months we've had in the business since launching" - James Eager

Our Process To Getting You Results


Discovery & Research

Before we write a single line of copy we deep dive in to you, your product and most importantly... your customer. Finding out the key benefits, features and pain points your product solves allows us to write compelling copy your customer will act on.


Launch & Optimise

Once we have the copy written we dive into our proprietary testing process. Finding the pockets of your market that respond best as well as finding new un tapped audiences you can scale your advertising too.


Stabilise & Scale

Now its time to scale. Once we know who your customer is and where to find them we launch and scale our omnipresence system making sure you are top of mind any time someone thinks about your product or solution.

Have A General Enquiry?

If you have a general inquiry and would like to speak to our expert team, you can contact us via email at: