We Help Health, Beauty & Fitness  Businesses Scale Faster. Guaranteed.

Stop treading water with your marketing campaigns and start rapidly scaling with a team in your corner thats focused on growth.

We Help Health, Beauty & Fitness Businesses Scale Faster. Guaranteed.

Stop treading water with your marketing campaigns and start rapidly scaling with a team in your corner thats focused on growth.

Our Philosophy

Here at Social Brand Lab, we have made it our mission to end the era of frustrated "do everything yourself business owners" providing you the team and knowledge of experienced marketers to scale your brand & business fast.

We work closely with just a handful of clients in the health, beauty & fitness industry that are looking to build their brand, skyrocket their revenue and be able to focus on being a business owner, not worrying about what the cost per click is on Facebook.

Maybe that’s you: it would be our honour to find out. Schedule your FREE audit call below. 

We Eliminate The Risk For Our Clients And GUARANTEE Results

When you're growing your business working with an agency can be daunting... will they get results, won't they, we've all heard stories! Thats why at Social Brand Lab we GUARANTEE all our clients results.

If we accept you as a client and we don't generate results, we will refund our entire fee in full. 

Here's How We Can Make This Promise...

We put our team in your corner and follow our 3 stage process to increase the key levers in your business.

Find The "Low Hanging Fruit"

Inside every business is "low hanging" fruit, easy opportunities to make a big impact and generate a flood of sales. We kick off every partnership with a deep dive to find these easy wins and manage the implementation of the campaigns.

Funnel Wide Conversion Rate Optimisation

With SO much to do growing your business optimising your funnels and ecom stores can become a second thought. We dive in page by page and optimise every step to increase the revenue driven from every visitor that lands on the site.

Multi-Channel Advertising Campaigns

With UGC ads getting 4x higher CTRs and 50% cheaper clicks we will get to work sourcing, managing and editing creator driven content. Once we have it, we will launch, manage and scale your advertising campaigns across every channel your audience is on.

Case Study:

Fitness Apparel Brand Reduces CPA By 63%

What People Are Saying

""Without doubt Cam and his knowledge of funnels and ads helped us get our 2 comma club award from Clickfunnels and generating over 7 figures with our webinar funnel."  
Paul O'Mahony
"Working with Cam and the team has taken my business into the 7 figure per year mark and we continue to grow at such a great rate! The teams so supportive and most definitely results driven." - 
Sonny Webster
"Really impressed with Cam & the team at Social Brand Lab helping scale up our traffic leading to unquestionable some of the biggest months we've had in the business since launching" - 
James Eager

Schedule Your Call

Free Discovery Session

By the end of this Audit call, you will have a clear understanding of the next steps you can take for your business to start generating consistent and reliable results online with Funnels & Paid Advertising.

Find a time on Cam's calendar to schedule your call today and we look forward to speaking to you soon!

This Audit Call Is Perfect For:

  • ​Businesses currently generating over £10k+ per month with a proven product market fit
  • ​Businesses looking to increase the ROAS of their advertising
  • ​Businesses looking to connect better with their audience and create loyal customers
  • ​Businesses looking to maximize their conversion rates & average order value.
  • ​Businesses looking for a reliable agency that can make their company a priority.

Have A General Enquiry?

If you have a general inquiry and would like to speak to our expert team, you can contact us via email at: support@socialbrandlab.com
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