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Social Brand Lab has a 3 step fitness marketing method that we use both in-house and for every client we work with. The three steps consist of Content, Conversion and Traffic. Below you’ll find our top articles on each topic.

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We are moving into a time where straight up direct response doesn’t work as well as it used to. So having a content strategy is essential. More essential (if that makes sense) is understanding WHO your content is for. I want to share with you everything we know about using content to drive results here:

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Conversion/Sales Funnels Articles

Now you know who your market is you need to know what to sell to them to get them results and the how to sell it to them. In this section, we’ll share our entire process for building and optimising your sales process to see massive returns while creating a HUGE positive impact on the world.

Articles on Conversion & Sales Funnels

Traffic Articles

Once you know who you’re targeting, what and how you are selling it. You now want to amplify everything with paid traffic. We share with you all the strategies, best practices and lessons learnt from spending thousands on advertising every month for our businesses and our clients.

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Our Fitness Marketing Course

If you would like a faster way to learn our entire fitness marketing process, we created a video course that walks through everything you need to get leads and customers for your fitness product in a ton of detail. We walk you through in-depth every step you need to take and the strategies that will work if you are a brand new PT just starting out or an authority online with thousands of followers.

Check out our Fitness Marketing Course here.

Some of our fitness marketing results

Through Social Brand Lab, we have been able to work with many incredible fitness professionals and help them to promote and sell their products, programs and services to thousands of people. We share some of the results that we’ve driven in long-form case studies that share the strategy behind what we did for them.

Client Case Studies

Client Case Studies

How We Build Out a Unique Strategy For Any New Client That Comes On Board – This post shares how we approach any new client or project we take on. We break down our unique CCT method for crafting campaigns that knock it out of the park every time and look at the numbers behind our latest launch for Sonny Webster Academy.

Challenge Launch Case Study: 1300% ROI on a FREE challenge launch in 35 days – This post shares the entire marketing campaign for our client James Smith Academy.  How we planned out their campaign, scripted their ads and launched it for a $43,000 return on a $3,000 ad spend.

Content Articles

How To Reach (The Right) Customers For Your Business – This post we break down the 5 key areas you HAVE to understand about your customer to be able to best serve them and launch products and service people actually want to buy!

The Importance of Knowing Your Customer: 5 Benefits for Your Business – Understanding WHY you need to know your ideal customer can sometimes be misunderstood. In this article we explain the 5 biggest benfits of knowing your customer.

Conversion/Sales Funnel Articles

Your Fitness Website is Dead… Why You Need a Sales Funnel Instead – This is the fundamental framework to a hyper-profitable fitness product launch. Having just a Shopify or WooCommerce website that sells your products in a basic cart is not good enough! You are leaving boatloads of money on the table as well as reducing the amount of impact you can have!

Traffic Articles

Double your sales in 20 minutes with the power of a remarketing loop – If you are using the CCT method or any promotion of your products having a simple remarketing loop in place could double or even triple your sales! In this post I break down exactly what it is and how to implement it in less than 20 minutes.

Influencer Interviews

Creating Impact Through Influence – I sit down with Entrepreneur and personal branding influencer Lauren Tickner to talk about how as an influencer you have a duty to create a positive impact with the attention you have and simple strategies you can use to achieve it.