ATTENTION: Personal Brand Businesses Selling Coaching, Consulting, Courses, Memberships, Apps & eBooks.

A Personal Invitation To Social Brand Labs 90 Day R.O.I Accelerator Paid Traffic Program

From Cam Jarrad CEO of Social Brand Lab

Dear personal brand business owner.

Do you have an amazing product or service you truly believe in, that gets your customers real results but are struggling to scale it to a wider audience?

Are you stuck doing the “busy” work constantly trying to stay on top of the ever-growing list of to-dos inside your business…

...spinning your wheels feeling like you’re going nowhere fast!

Maybe you’re at 10k/month looking to get to 20k or perhaps you’re already doing 50k looking to scale up to 100k+ per month.

I’m pretty sure I know your problem…

You’re too busy working IN your business to find time to work ON your business

It’s no secret that most businesses built from a personal brand often spend too long as a one man band…

Maybe you’ve got a couple assistants that help you with some content creation or managing your inbox but its leaving you with a HUGE list of things you have to do including

  • Build sales funnels
  • Create offers
  • Come up with hooks
  • Manage customers
  • Make sales
  • Onboard clients
  • Run Paid advertising
  • Create content
  • And on and on…

The list often never ends and you end up feeling like you’re on a hamster wheel.

Making it worse is the constant need to stay on top of the changes in ad platforms, policies and constantly creating new ads that will consistently drive leads and sales for your business…

...but you’d be shocked to know you could be missing out on double or triple the revenue you’re currently making all because your ads are drastically underperforming

Having only 6.7% of your time to dedicate to building and executing effective marketing campaigns is a sure fire way to struggle

After working with personal brand businesses for more than 5 years I still commonly see them struggle with the same problems!

Two Reasons:

  1. Overwhelm: This is the most common issue I see… solopreneurs & teams trying to do EVERYTHING and then some. Often leaving them feeling burnt out, delivering mediocre results for clients and customers and being pulled in 10 different directions
  2. Too many offers & funnels: When you chase 2 rabbits you catch none. Shiny object syndrome is real and when a funnel or ads don’t perform instead of working on the hook, offer or copy it seems easier to just try another funnel that you saw some “guru” running.

For a lot of entrepreneurs and personal brand businesses stepping back from the process entirely can be the best option…

Hear me out!

Imagine we got to know you… understood your values, who you want to serve and the products and services you offer to help your audience achieve the results they want.

We then took that information and worked with you on refining your offer, hooks and sales process to improve the conversions you get from your sales process in keeping with your brand

We are then able to take both educational content and stories from you and your customers and promote them to your audience as well as a wider group that have never heard of you.

Providing massive value and creating huge levels of goodwill in the marketplace for you and your products while converting like gangbusters so you see incredible returns from all your promotions.

All of this is being done WITHOUT you, allowing you to focus on getting your customers even better results, creating killer content, or perhaps using the newly created free time to take up a new hobby or go travelling...

How comfortable would you be working like that…?

A little? A Lot?

Few people have the resources, know-how or ability to be able to implement these kinds of marketing processes… meaning those that can win big!

My question to you is this…

Shouldn’t more personal brands be able to take control of their businesses and enjoy the benefits?

Elearning is set to hit $325 BILLION by 2025 and isn’t likely to slow down…

...More and more people want the results you can help them achieve!

To take advantage of this you need to be able to get your brand and message out to the world effectively and in a way that stands out!

…one that builds your assets and that allows you to scale profitably over time to cold traffic...

...we’d like to help you do that!

We have come up with a way, where you can get a team of highly skilled marketers to launch and scale your paid advertising AND help you refine your hooks, offers and funnels to convert as high as possible!

There are a couple caveats though…

Caveat #1 - There is still some work on your part

Before the Social Brand Lab team can get to work on your advertising we need to understand you better.

A lot of companies will say its 100% done for you… but that’s just not true. It’s a sales tactic used to get the deal.

Since it’s your face behind the brand, we want to do it right, making sure our message is on point with how you want your brand portrayed through your marketing

The good news is, we have refined our on-boarding process that condenses this down and makes it easy for us to gather all the information efficiently from you in about 90 minutes.

So there is work… but not THAT much work 😉

Caveat #2 - There is a qualification process

Unfortunately just being able to “afford” our service doesn’t automatically get you through the door.

There are a few requirements you have to hit before we are able to work with anyone:

  1. You truly want to help your audience and customers improve their lives with your products and aren’t just trying to make a quick buck!
  2. You’re able to invest a minimum of $3,000 per month into advertising
  3. You have a proven online sales process/funnel that converts (we will work on improving this even further)

We’ll go a bit deeper into this during our audit and strategy session with you, I’ll share shortly how to schedule in one of these.

Caveat #3 - An upfront fee is required

In the past we’ve had agreements to just share in profits…

...but some of the best marketing campaigns we have created have never been fully utilised. Why?

Because the individuals and companies we had agreements with never fully got behind and launched them or weren’t open to scaling through paid traffic.

We both need to have skin in the game! People value what they pay for.

We are putting in our resources, time and opportunity cost to build out your campaigns and marketing processes.

This shouldn’t be an issue for most, and the fee is often much lower than the time, energy and resources you would need to successfully run this all in house!

What it allows us to do is lift any restraints on resources and focus our full time and attention on building the best possible campaigns for you.

Caveat #4 - We always like WIN / WIN

It’s a simple model… the more you win the more we win! It makes sure we as a company are bought into your success and to do this we require a performance based bonus above a set target.

As an agency our minimum target is to double your money from ads. Then anything above that we have a profit share on.

This means we are fully bought in to getting you the best results possible!

How we work together

Let me walk you through the process we have developed to make sure you get a high quality paid marketing campaign delivered quickly…

Step 1: Discovery Call

First we have to decide if it’s a good fit for us to work together, we do this on our discovery call.

Before the call we will prepare an audit of you current assets and a plan for what we recommend to generate the best results.

We’ll also cover on the call your targets and goals, current numbers, and the products you want to focus on promoting.

After the call we will put together a simple letter of agreement covering everything we speak about on the call and if you’re happy with it just sign it and send over the service fee. Once payment is made, we can get started...

Step 2: On-boarding

Over the years we have tested dozens of ways to on-board clients… emails, phone, video calls the lot. We have developed our on-boarding sequence to make this as easy for all of us as possible.

Instead of taking 2 weeks of back and forth, all you need to do is spend 90 minutes of focused time to complete all the steps in our onboarding process and provide us with the information we need.

At the end you will have a chance to schedule in your kick off call with the team…

Step 3: Project Kick Off Call

This is our chance to get any clarity we may need on answers you provided in your on-boarding questionnaire, as well as a chance for you to ask any questions to us.

Over the call we will make sure you have complete clarity on what the next steps are, how you can reach us and anything we may still need from you to continue on.

Step 4: CRO Review

Optimising your sales process will help the ad campaigns perform better… this is a step most agencies skip past! Our team will review your sales process and provide you with a report on ways we believe you can increase conversions.

If needed we can help you implement some of these changes or to create new funnels for your products.

Step 5: Ad Campaign Planning

It’s marked as step 5 but this will begin as soon as our kick off call ends.

This is when our in house copywriters & media buyers will begin planning our 6 Phase process to work for your products!

Once we have the plan, we will then begin crafting the copy and video scripts for the ads to be used across multiple platforms.

Step 6: Ad Review & Confirmation

The last step before our final tests is to get all the ad campaigns reviewed and confirmed by you. It’s your brand, and you have to be happy with the copy that goes out under your name.

Step 7: Launch

It’s now time to launch your campaign! Once we have all the copy reviewed and approved by the platforms (Facebook & Google) your ads will be live!

Step 8: Monitor, Optimise & Scale

Once the ads are live we will be monitoring them daily making sure we are achieving the KPI’s and goals we set out! Every week you will get a report on how your ads are performing and the results we are getting.

Here’s what to do next...

If you’re interested in working with Social Brand Lab then click the button below and it will scroll you to the short application form on this page.

Once you have completed the form, you will be able to schedule a time to speak with Cam or one of the team.

Important: We aren’t an agency that works with hundreds of clients at a time. We like to work closely with fewer clients and get them incredible results! If you’re reading this it means we currently have 1 or 2 spots available at the moment…

That’s why, if you think this could be right for you, you should complete this short application.

Once we receive your application, we will review it and go through all the questions on our discovery session.

Completing the application is no obligation to becoming a client, if we have a chat and either of us for whatever reason don’t feel like it’s a good fit you’re welcome to take the strategies we share and we can part ways as friends.

Some commonly asked questions you may be having…

Likelihood is if you’ve read this far, but haven’t completed the application, it’s because you’ve got questions…

I want to take a minute to go through a couple of the most common questions I get asked.

Why Are We Offering This?

As an agency, we love to work with people that are making a difference and want to impact thousands, if not millions. We only ever work with 10-12 clients at a time and if you’re reading this it means we currently have 1 spot available to take on another perfect client that we can help scale.

Can you guarantee it will work?

Nope. Paid advertising, no matter how great it is, is just one aspect of this entire process.

How long do we work together?

This is a 90 day program, this gives us time to build, launch and optimise with some extra time to begin scaling. Once that initial 90 days is up, we can either part ways as friends or move on to a monthly rolling agreement.

Who is this service perfect for? And who’s it NOT for?

Having created dozens of successful marketing campaigns and that fact we work with only a small handful of people at any one time I can tell you exactly who this is perfect for…

  1. Personal Brand Businesses: If you’re business is built around you and your brand paid advertising can help. You could be selling coaching, courses, consulting, products, apps, memberships, whatever… if you have a story to tell that will sell, we can help.
  2. Proven processes: If you have a sales funnel or product that already converts and is making sales we can help you to scale through paid media.
  3. Ability to invest: To get the most from the system we have developed you need to have a minimum of $3,000 per month to invest into advertising. Also understanding that marketing is an investment, not a cost is crucial!

There are also people this program isn’t for… clients we try to avoid at all costs include:

  1. Money Chasers: If all you’re looking to achieve is some quick cash, we’re not the right partner for you.
  2. Clean sheets: I would love to help you out If you currently have no product, audience, list or funnel and just starting with an idea but our agency service wouldn’t be right for that. Check out our ROI Accelerator as it may be a better fit.
  3. Last chancers: If your mindset is paid ads HAVE to work and my business will fail if they don’t unfortunately we won’t be able to help.

Will it work if I sell ____?

Probably yes! We’ve helped personal brands that have sold: Coaching, apps, programs, ebooks, training guides, memberships and physical products… i’m probably forgetting some too.

But to make sure thats why we have a discovery call to see if it would be a good fit to work together. Just complete your short application and we will give you an honest review of if we think it will work for your product or program.

Ready to start?

Okay this letter ended up being longer than I expected… so if you think this could be a good fit for you then make sure to fill out the short application and book in your discovery call

Talk soon,
CEO Social Brand Lab

P.S. If you’re like me you probably skipped right to the bottom of this page to see how much it is?! Here’s a quick summary…

If you’re the right fit, we will build out your paid advertising campaigns and optimise everything for you starting at £995 per month plus a performance-based bonus, which we can explore if this is a right fit.

We have a unique 8 step process that allows us to consistently produce marketing campaigns that generate huge results for our clients such as £79k+ in 30 days or $43k from $3k ad spend in 35 days.

If you think you might be a good fit for our 90 day paid traffic program, read through this letter again and if it still sounds good, complete the short application above and get a free discovery call.

Neither of us are under any obligation to do business together, and we are only interested in win-win-win situations.

Resources are limited, so the sooner you respond, the quicker we can move forward.

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